Thursday, June 18, 2009

United Nations Cheesecake

A Birthday cake was needed! I just recived a new issue of Good Food direct from England......inside was a mini-edition of Olive Magazine. It was filled with some interesting recipes, including a lovely Chocolate Swirled Cheesecake from non other than Chef Gordon Ramsay. The bĂȘte noire, who was getting some press 'down under'!

The ingredients included Double Cream(hard to come by in the US), Creme Fraiche, and some high cocoa chocolate (brought over from France)! I set off to Lexington to Whole Foods.....just to see! I knew they carried Creme Fraiche! What a surprise to find Double Cream, and boy-oh-boy.....this was thick and delicious! The recipe called for Digestive Biscuits, but I had Chocolate Graham crackers on hand and thought I would substitute!

Now you see why I call this the United Nations Cheesecake! A real combo of ingredients. The beauty of this recipe is it is no cracking and fiddly baking. I combined and swirled and then we celebrated a birthday and fought over the last crumb. Creamy, smooth, a hint of lemon and that wonderful rich chocolate. Even the crust set off the taste of the cheesecake!