Sunday, January 30, 2005

Don't call me a Tart!

Tart Dough! One of my passions in the cooking world is dough. I always used to buy my dough, being an honest gal, I never tried to pass the stuff off as mine! I mean really, you can always tell bought vs. ho-made. After cooking school, I finally learned how to make a very nice dough. I'm even teaching hands-on classes. I've helped many an expat conquer her fear of flour. Below is an example of an hors d'oeurvre size Parmesan dough. Always working towards perfection. Not too bad, huh? Not perfect either, but damn tasty!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Hands-On At Le Notre

I've taken quite a few hands-on classes for Puff Pastry, but I've waited for a year to get into the class at Le Notre! Being taught by a 'Master Chef', I was hoping to glean all of his chef-dom by hanging out with him for a while. The school is First Class, all the way! All the equipment is there for you, plus there is a lady to clean your mess and provide you with clean bowls at all times. Fresh coffee and cakes are there when you feel peckish. I learned a new method, I'm not sure I'll 'try this at home'...I'm really used to the Traditional Method. But, I did learn lots of new tricks and some lovely recipes. A great experience!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Ok, I've always been proud of the fact that I never adopted the 'lite' trend in the states! I'd go home for a visit and found many strange items in my mom's fridge. My childhood fav, Miracle Whip took on an unusual consistency after going Lite. Another fav, Catalina word, YUCK! It all looks so FAKE!
As you know, we are on 'the diet'.....not Atkins, not South Beach, just trying to cut back and cut out. I love a little toast with my butter, and after a peruse through my Auchan, I found Beurre Leger. One word, YUCK! I'll be sticking with Full-Fat!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Is there such a thing as a diet sausage?

That's right, a Sausage! We are a diet, but I'm practicing for my contribution for a wine class. I've got to boil this 'bad boy' and add him to my Puy Lentils. The Lentils are a healthy choice, but I'm afraid I've ruined the diet part of the meal when I add smoky Lardons, thick Creme Fraiche and that Sausage from Lyon. The wine class will feature Rhone Valley wines. You'll be the first to know how it tastes!

Sunday, January 02, 2005


January 2005....hmmmmm!
Cue to the flash back! The 31st, New Years Eve! My 'guys' decided to give me the evening off from 'the piano'. I was a bit nervous, but the meal was fantastic. I must confess to a few trips to the kitchen to pick up a wooden spoon and give a stir....but was always kicked out to the couch in front of the fire.