Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lessons, Part Deux

Yesterday was Crepes Day at our house! Clay changed the menu to Chicken Divan Crepes instead of seafood! I thought long and hard about how a teenager in a dorm room would do Crepes!
There is a kitchen on his floor, but do they have a scale (to scale the flour), do they even have flour? butter? milk? Who knows!
I decided what a Freshman College Male (who wants to do a little cooking) might benefit from packaged items. When he gets his own place, then I'll teach a 'white sauce' and the joys of poaching a chicken breast etc.

Just some of the packaged items and the traveling Tefal Crepe Pan! (this can be used for grilled cheese, omelets! A good buy!)

A simple matter of measuring out some milk and giving a nice whisk!

Then learning the 'all important' Flipping Action!

Next he made the filling with some Grape-Vine Smoked Chicken, steamed broccoli and sliced mushrooms. He prepared the package of Bechamel Sauce (it really didn't taste bad) which he enriched with some Cheddar. I suggested he go the the salad bar at the local grocery and buy some of the vegetables already prepared and cleaned. He can also buy a deli-chicken. I'm trying to teach 'easy' but 'fresh' are important!!

Again, the kid enjoyed the experience of cooking! Perhaps I should have suggested Culinary School instead!

My next post in a few weeks should be all about cooking for 2 lonely parents.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Last Minute Lessons!

This week is packing up for college week for my son. I admit to being a bit, hmmmm, tense! Tension combined with a pending sense of loss....Couple that with excitement (for him) and fear (did I teach him everything he needs to know?)......well you get the picture! Walk on eggshells, please!

Yesterday the 'bearded baby' clomped down the stairs, cookbooks in hand. A few years back we visited the Librairie Gourmand on rue Dante and Clay picked up a nice selection of cookbooks in French! He asked me if I could teach him a few recipes before he left for college. Of course I said yes, lets make a list! I was so touched that he wanted to learn! I guess it is because I told him once that girls love a guy that can cook!!
He picked out a Fruit de Mer Crepe recipe and a lovely Poulet Stroganoff to try.

I remember my friend/mentor told a story that her daughter while in college in the states became the Crepe Diva of her dorm! Food, it is always a great reason to gather! I thought about giving Clay my 'black steel' but it really isn't seasoned perfectly yet, I thought again....good 'ol Teflon. Off to BHV so he can pack up a pan to take to college with him!

Tonight he prepared the Chicken and it was lovely! This was a simple recipe, but he learned the important lesson of Mise en Place! Once he had all the items washed, chopped and measured...he was good to go! Rice and salad to accompany! Dinner al fresco!

I'm proud of that kid! Tomorrow, Crepes!

At least Max is calm and cool! And very polite with his crossed legs!