Monday, May 13, 2013

The Perfect Day!

You know I have NOT blogged in a heck of a long time! But would you just look at that beautiful Quiche, it is quite the perfect example. Guess what? I didn't prepare it.

My son asked what I wanted for Mothers Day this year. I responded with, "Just cook me a meal, your choice. Breakfast, lunch or dinner".  He did not disappoint. He found the Quiche recipe on this site. The addition of the Apple juice was so tasty! The recipe is a keeper. He used an 'all ready' pie crust. I can't find fault.

Murphy is very interested in what is going on in the oven.

I also requested that we spend a bit of time hanging out in his apartment. Really! I didn't want to spy around, just wanted to see what he needed in his kitchen. Since I'm working at the mecca of cooking stores, I love to spend my 'hard-earned' on pots/pans or gadgets that he might need at my discount. I was also in hopes for a little trip to Jungle Jims! That is always a fun side-trip!

Before we could set off up North, my bearded baby informed me that he was also cooking dinner for me. He had Salmon crêpe on the menu. WOW, more that a mother could want!
Again, he sussed out the recipes and came up with another winner. He didn't use my  crêpe recipe, but his recipe proved fantastic results!

You can see how great he did with my DeBuyer pan! The more you use that pan, the better is gets!

He prepped the dish and we carted it up north. I had a ball in Jungle Jims and we did score some Cidre Brut while we were scouting around the market.  It brought back great memories!
I hope everyone had a great day! Lots of love to my son and his efforts!