Thursday, April 03, 2008

Kouglof in Kentucky

As I start to test recipes from France, here in Kentucky, I have to smile when there is success! I took my last French pastry class at Le Notre in October, right before all 'heck' broke loose! I usually try to make the pastry we learn in class at home, just to 'sink' the technique I just paid to learn. With a pending house hunting trip in November, the only thing I had time for was a trip to MORA to buy the special earthenware molds that the chef recommended.

I was so pleased to unpack these lovely molds, and found them in the same condition, just like I picked them up from the shelf at MORA. I got my recipe out, prepped and weighed the ingredients. I knew that I might need a few tries at this recipe, just to nail it.......but, it did work ok.

I will need another try with the recipe. My dough didn't rise in the mold to a real height like they did in class. I wonder if my yeast wasn't fresh enough, or I needed to do the rise with a little warm water near by. I use warm water in a cold oven for the final rise of my Croissants, so this method might work better next time.

The dough however was very easy and supple to work with. Not the usual sticky mess that a traditional brioche dough is. You don't need an overnight, cold proof like you do with normal brioche in this recipe.
My baking in Kentucky continues as spring very slowly approaches! I have finally found some fresh herbs for planting, now, I'm making 'it' home.


Anonymous said...

UMMMMMM That must be delicious. Wish I was there to try it!

Carol K. said...

I S2 ur's looks great!

lindy said...

Wow- I missed the move! I'm looking forward to hearing all about the transition. Also, interested in your Kugelhopf recipe. I have a mold, and have not yet been satified with the various ones I tried. Keep us posted.

Private Chef said...

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Elra said...

I normally make Kugelhopf in christmas time, I suppose I can make it anytime of the year. I am also lucky to have alsatians friends that thought me how to make this delice Alsace's specialty. Cheers!

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Thanks for the recipe. Sounds terrific!

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Pecos Blue said...

Looks very yummy.

Melissa said...

Anonymous: Thanks for checking in!
Carol K....Thank you for looking at the blog.
Lindy.....Life goes on, right!!
Nipsum, I'll be happy to look at your site!
Private Chef, Great site you have!
Elra, I am hungry now for some!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Melissa,

I too just stumbled upon you blog and all the yummy photos and after reading through it a bit was surprised to find out you have relocated to Kentucky. But you don't say 'where' and I was wondering if by chance you were in the 'Northern Kentucky' area around Cincinnati (where I live)? I love your stories about your baking classes and will definitely add you blog to my watch list!

Melissa said...

Hi Anonymous, as a matter of fact I'm just down the interstate from Cincy! Northern KY is right where we settled! I love shopping in Jungle Jim's, I'm sure you've been there too!
I need to blog about that place!
Thanks for checking in with my blog!