Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Cannelé -- A work in Progress

After a hard shopping trip on Blvd. Haussman, many moons ago, I stumbled on the Laduree kiosk in the wonderful Lafayette Gourmand. I was on my way to the parking garage, the line wasn't too long, and, looking at the wonderful treats I saw something a little different; A Cannelé. I ordered three.
In the elevator down to my car, I munched on one. After paying the parking ticket to get out of the garage, I ate another one. Get the picture? They were delicious. While fighting my way down Blvd Haussman and onto the Rue de Rivoli I was trying to shift gears and finishing off my third. I decided to try to find a recipe! (actually, doing a 'yahoo search' is how I found my way into the wonderful world of Food Blogs)

Producing the perfect Cannelé is one of my passions. I'm currently working on Pierre's recipe. I made the batter, which rests in the fridge overnight then finds its way into buttered molds, Pierre says butter and then chill the mold. He is the man!!!!
I'll keep you up to date on my progress!


shuna fish lydon said...

I think that you are so brave! these little wonderfulnesses are not easy! My favorite ones are the ones where the mold is painted with beeswax, the traditional coating. It makes the whole room/house smell so intoxiacating people are wont to walk off the street into your house to cover you with kisses.
If I were there I would just be happy to know someone as courageous as you.
A friend of mine asked me for a recipe and I pointed her to the best one I knew--- three pages long!

Melissa said...

Shuna.....what IS, in your opinion, the BEST recipe???
I've read about that beeswax coating!
PS...I tweaked the previous post. Thanks again!
Would love to attend one of your classes, my favorite way to teach is hands-on as well! I think that is the only way to really learn. You need get your hands right in the dough, you need to touch and smell the dough!

Barbara said...

Melissa - I'll be interested to see your results. I had not heard of cannele until I read your post.

shuna fish lydon said...

I think that when all is said and done my favorite recipe is the one that works. We had crazy explosions at Citizen Cake so none of us ventured in that direction again.
But me personally I am over the taste and smell of rum and so I would omit that. That beeswax smell and taste is so wonderful...if you can find it.

A great thing about my class the other night was that the students really got into eating the cornmeal biscuit and pie dough! And I made sure everyone ran their hands through the pie dough in different stages. There is no other way to learn for me.
Well maybe except living vicariously through your Canneles... :}