Sunday, June 26, 2005

Relaxing with Max

It has been pretty hot in Paris. Not too much inspired cooking going on. Lots of salad-type meals. Grilled duck breasts land on some grilled eggplant and grilled endive, they in turn, land on some tender greens. Makes for a nice light supper.

I made a Semolina Bread, a little warm weather in the kitchen and that dough rose high and fast in the fermenting stage. It is a delicious, hardy loaf for toast. I have a bit of my fresh yeast left in the fridge and am inspired to make a Pain de Mie (Pullman loaf).

Even the devil-dog, Max, has depleted his high energy levels in the heat. He loves to chill-out and do a bit of reading on the bed! (pardon the staged photo, 17 year old with a digital camera)

Things have cooled a bit, I had some frozen dough in the freezer and we had a small pizza tonight. Yes, the pizza was split 3 ways! And yes, that is fresh Arugla (rocket) and cherry tomatoes on top.
BUT....can anybody make a suggestion. Tonight I used my pizza stone. It sat on the oven floor heating, but transfering the dough/pizza to the stone was a flop, I floured the baking tray for an easy transfer, but it didn't budge! I just slid the baking tray into the oven on top of the stone.
Suggestions welcome!


Nic said...

I love that photo of Max with Cooks Illustrated. You should send it in to the magazine (letters to the editor?) and see if they'll publish it!

Melissa said...

Hi Nic-----I'm sure Max would love to be published! You can usually find him curled up somewhere he shouldn't be!

keiko said...

Max looks so sweet... (or was he just hot?) I haven't got a pizza stone so can't give you any advice on it, sorry. I often make pizza though, do you think I should get one?

chef 'em out said...

Is Max reading or is he just looking at the pictures?

Melissa said...

---Keiko, Max has his sweet moments, but it seems to be when he is sleeping! As far as a pizza stone goes, I did get a nice rise out of my dough, crisp bottom (as opposed to a soggy bottom!) crust. I'm going to buy a pizza peel next and then see if I can transfer to the stone more easily!

---Chef 'em out, Max was looking at the pics because he only speaks French! (you did make me laugh!)

shuna fish lydon said...

my dogs are so spoiled they eat fruit right off the trees on the farm they live on, and they won't even consider it if it's not completely ripe!

thank you for the sweet photo!

Melissa said...

---Hey Shuna!
It is cherry season here, and Max is enjoying the spills! How nice your dogs get the run of a farm!
Take care!

Brian W said...

A pizza suggestion: use a generous amount of cornmeal under the pizza instead of flour... it "rolls" a little bit, like a ball-bearing almost.

Melissa said...

--Brian! Hi, Thanks for the 'tip' about the cornmeal....I just came back from vacation in the U.S. and in the suitcase, packed away was a pizza peel and some cornmeal. Can't wait to try it!