Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Belgian Beef Stew, served in France!

The damp grey days have moved in. This is the time of year that can make or break a new ex-pat, endless clouds and short daylight hours can bring depression to a newbie! I've known many ladies who start to count the days that they have left in their 'tour' here in Paris, they are dreaming of the day when they depart Paris and head off to for the comfort of Kroger or Piggly Wiggly in their hometown. (did I ever feel that way, I don't remember!)

I'm afraid I've been here long enough to find comfort in the dark rainy days, I nest! I cook...... create new recipes! I light a fire every afternoon, a scented candle glows on my coffee table. There is usually a pot of 'something' bubbling away on the stove! In a word, life is COZY!
Today is no different, I've got a pot of Carbonnades Flamandes (Belgian beef stew- cooked in beer) in the oven cooking away slowly! This is the first time I've made this recipe, I love stews of all kinds, and this recipe looked pretty good! I had a special beer in the fridge, Biere au Cognac.....not a classic Belgium beer that the recipe calls for, but hmmmmm........the beer sounded interesting! Should tenderize the beef anyway!
My local Auchon carries an amazing selection of beer from around the world. You buy one beer at a time, instead of in a 6-pack. I've filled my 'back fridge' with Raspberry, Cherry, Japanese and other interesting beers. (note: a certain teenage boy will gaze dreamily inside my fridge, the euro-mom in me says, "Go ahead, help yourself"....)

What was most intriguing about this recipe is during the final half hour of cooking is the addition of a piece of bread that has been spread with mustard.....the idea is the bread will soften and dissolve into the stew, thus thickening it.Now, don't count points off for the addition of potatoes and carrots, OK!!

Note: Stay tuned, today is Beaujolais nouveau day, I'm heading off to my local Nicolas store to bring home some samples! I hear it is pretty good this year!

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Anonymous said...

Melissa: That looks so delicious. Wish I was there to partake.