Thursday, November 17, 2005

Spoiled for Choice!

Which one should I open first?


Mona said...

Hmm, the only one I've tried is the DuBoeuf (sp?)one at the end.And since I'm all about trying new things I'd say any of the others -ha!
Happy drinking!

Melissa said...

Thanks Mona...was there much fanfare in NY for the day?


hi there!
I am a young Chinese-American filmmaker from NYC, based in Paris.
I am working on a short documentary film (30min) about people, culture ... how people are different, yet fundamentally we do share some simliarities, such as using tomatoes to cook. This film aims to celebrate the diversity in humanity and to promote understanding.

Currently I am looking for people (any gender, any age) who cooks with tomatoes
1. from north African country (i.e. Algeria)
2. Scandinavian
3. Italy
4. Mexico
5. French
6. Middle East countries

please see website for more information :
please contact via email:
deadline: contact by November 22nd

Perhaps you know of someone who may be interested in participating?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Francis said...

euh ! le beaujolais c 'est bien frenchy non ? alors pardon de parler français et dire que cette année le beaujolais est plutôt pas mal.

" Et qu'ont-ils à rentrer chaque année les Artistes ?
J'avais sur le futur des mains de cordonnier
Chaussant les astres de mes peaux ensemellées
La conscience dans le spider je mets les voiles
Et quarante millions de mètres de tailleur
Prenaient la taille à la putain de Galilée
La terre a bu le coup et penche du Tropique
Elle reste agrippée à mon temps cellulaire
Je déchargeais des tombereaux de souvenirs
Nous étions une histoire et n'avions rien à dire
Moi je prendrai la quatrième dimension
Pour trisser dans l'azur mes jambes migratrices..."

Words Words

Rebecca said...

I just tried the one on the far left Friday! I really enjoyed it, it's very smooth.