Thursday, May 11, 2006

More than a Mouthful

This recipe comes from a Food & Wine magazine loaned to me by a friend! A 'grilling issue'. She must have seen my burning plank post and decided I needed some tips, tout suit, for next September cooking classes! I perused the recipes- a good issue- by the way, and found this little burger waiting for me to try!

I had a bag of Scallops in the freezer from Picard, the local frozen food store......had some frozen corn buried as well! Don't turn your nose up at these frosty ingredients, this was an easy preparation dinner, ok!!

You wiz everything in the food processor and leave to firm up in the fridge. Should I tell my trainer about this method of firming up?? Knowing Ms. K......she'll just smile sweetly at my joke and make me do another 12 reps of something that I hate!! We have a close relationship!

Now, let me tell you, I had my doubts that these little fat-free marvels would hold together on the grill, but they did, and they were wonderful! They were fat-free until I stuck a couple strips of bacon on the burger and then made a delightful combo of mayo, sambal Oelek, a big squirt of Sriracha Chili Sauce and a squeeze of Sweet Chili Sauce. version of secret sauce.

What this burger lacks in visual appeal it gives a big bang for the buck in taste! From start to finish the burgers don't look appetizing, but the taste. This is worth a try!


Yasmin said...

I am definitely going to try that recipe--WITH bacon! Your secret sauce cocktail sounds wonderful too...I remember reading a few years ago about Picard, how housewives would have to hide the fact that they bought frozen foods...even though the quality was very good!

lindy said...

This sounds excellent. I don't think it looks too bad, either, especially when you know what's in it!

I'd love to "firm up" myself using this method. i wouln't fit in the fridge though, unless I took all the food and shelves out first.

Mike in Boston said...

You think your burger lacks visual appeal? It looks mouth-wateringly delicious!

bcinfrance said...

Fellow Picard fan! I thought I was the only person with a Picard link on her blog -- I got some teasing about that from a French friend, too. Anyway, your scallop-burger looks yummy. Anything with scallops is yummy...

drbiggles said...

I made breakfast for dinner last night and consumed WAY too much bacon. Wow it was good.


Melissa said... needs that bacon and sauce! Plus a fresh 'american' bun.
Picard even delivers now via online is out of the closet!

Lindy.....Thanks! We'll both keep looking for the quick firm-up, in the trainer is making me do hills now. ugh!

Mike.....Thanks for taking a look! Hope you are doing ok in Boston, not too wet these days?

Betty.....I bet your French friend shops at Picard too! Give that burger a try!

Biggles.....I can't talk my family into having breakfast for dinner. It is always a cozy rainy evening idea for me! Send me some Nimans Ranch bacon, ok! hehe