Friday, April 21, 2006

Poppin' Fresh!

Lets begin with the end result, Goats Cheese & Speck stuffed Croissants baking in the oven and oozing out some goodness!
(yes, I think I discovered the secret to my oven and cooking these guys!)

My dough has been living in the back fridge for a little over the time that I recommend. I usually think 3 days is long enough for a puff pastry dough to stay in the fridge, and this is a yeasted puff dough (croissant dough). I made the Pain au Chocolate on Monday, this dough was reaching its limit.
But 9:00 a.m., the sun was shining and I was thinking already about a little lunch on the patio! I had bought some speck ham stuffed with goats cheese, this comes in tubs from Monoprix, plus I had some Salami and Edam on hand.......Are you getting hungry yet?

The dough was rolled thin, a little 'wet' from condensation of the back fridge, but a dusting of flour soaked up the dampness. The dough was behaving very well, rolling out perfectly, nice and thin! I ran my 'cutter' over the dough and had a bunch of croissants waiting to be stuffed!

I stretched the dough, just like you are supposed to, between your thumb and forefinger, then laid the cheese and ham on top. Rolled up, brushed with egg-wash and gave them a good 'push' for 1 hour in my cool oven that had a pan of hot water underneath!

Just a little cheese leakage, but these 'bad boys' were delish. A quick brunch on the patio, alfresco, with my teenaged son and then off to an afternoon movie.
I love Spring!


bcinfrance said...

Darn, Melissa, you just missed my next Easter post about the chocolate dessert from Elle! So you'll have to go back to Cuisine Quotidienne...

I am amazed that anyone would make homemade croissants and pains au chocolat! Bravo, they look delicious!

lindy said...


Cindy said...

Even my baker doesn't make them so well. Beautiful !

lilizen said...

miam! slurp!
argghhhh this recipe!

Erika said...

Melissa, Gosh how I wish I took your dough making class! Looks super and better than anything you can have in Canada!

Carole said...

Great to see you are keeping up the metier! Looks delicious.....wish I could join you for lunch! How about a class for the Chicago branch of the cooking club?

Anonymous said...


Melissa CookingDiva said...

They look fantastic :)