Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lessons, Part Deux

Yesterday was Crepes Day at our house! Clay changed the menu to Chicken Divan Crepes instead of seafood! I thought long and hard about how a teenager in a dorm room would do Crepes!
There is a kitchen on his floor, but do they have a scale (to scale the flour), do they even have flour? butter? milk? Who knows!
I decided what a Freshman College Male (who wants to do a little cooking) might benefit from packaged items. When he gets his own place, then I'll teach a 'white sauce' and the joys of poaching a chicken breast etc.

Just some of the packaged items and the traveling Tefal Crepe Pan! (this can be used for grilled cheese, omelets! A good buy!)

A simple matter of measuring out some milk and giving a nice whisk!

Then learning the 'all important' Flipping Action!

Next he made the filling with some Grape-Vine Smoked Chicken, steamed broccoli and sliced mushrooms. He prepared the package of Bechamel Sauce (it really didn't taste bad) which he enriched with some Cheddar. I suggested he go the the salad bar at the local grocery and buy some of the vegetables already prepared and cleaned. He can also buy a deli-chicken. I'm trying to teach 'easy' but 'fresh' are important!!

Again, the kid enjoyed the experience of cooking! Perhaps I should have suggested Culinary School instead!

My next post in a few weeks should be all about cooking for 2 lonely parents.


Barbara said...

You'll know he's left when at the supermarket there will be so few items in your trolley you can go through the under 12 items checkout.

Stephanie said...

Crepes! My mom adores crepe. :) I'll get back to this later. I wanna surprise her this weekend.