Sunday, February 11, 2007

Croissant Crazy!

Right about now I have had it with Croissant Dough! Yeah, I know I can go on and on about dough and how it takes me to a quiet-zen-like-place. But I just finished with my Hands-On Croissant Dough class. It went pretty good, actually. And I think there will be a few who will carry on and make them at home. One gal, in particular, called with pride after she took her dough home and made a savory version. Those kind of comments are more than I can hope for in a class like that!
The prep involves making lots of dough for the students to shape and bake. 'PlayDough', so to speak!!

This photo is a great(dark) example of a yeasted-laminated dough and the many layers. There are approximately, 943, but who is counting!!

Toblerone Croissants & Almond Croissant waiting to tempt the students!

A good couple of days work, and two batches of dough left in the fridge......Trust Me.....I won't be making Croissants for a long time. Call me if you are looking to play with some of my extra dough! I'll deliver in the Paris area!! hehe!


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Oh, ee gods, would that we were still on the barge at the foot of the Pont Sully!

Betty C. said...

I am so amazed at all of the things you actually bake!

lindy said...

I wish I was in the Paris area! I could use a class on this topic, too. Lord, it all looks so good.

Melissa said...

Tanna, I need to read your blog and old blog from cover to cover, I had no idea that you were such a Francophile! Barge on the Seine, the ultimate!

Betty, my life might not be as busy as yours!!

Lindy, catch a flight, there is always flour and butter in the house!

keiko said...

Melissa - please send over your beautiful dough (or finished products) to the UK!

Hope all is well. kx

Melissa said...

Keiko, If I could send a batch of dough, I'd love for you to try it and give me an honest opinion!!
Best to you!