Thursday, January 25, 2007

The 'Smoker' & The Times

Well, Well, Well!
I have been touting my Stovetop Smoker for a couple of years now. I thought it was a great tool for those expats who live in the city center of Paris and can't grill out anymore!
I've even taught a couple of classes through the years extolling the wonders! You might remember my Tea-Smoked Duck post back in September?

I was perusing the NYTimes Dining & Wine section and there was a great article on the Smoker, along with some fantastic recipes I can't wait to try! I urge you city-folks, order your Stove Top Smoker today!


Pomiane said...

You might like to try one of my favourite 'smoker' recipes, that would work perfectly with your stove-top smoker. Shelled Tiger Prawns (heads off), smoked over Earl Grey tea-leaves mixed with a little flour and brown sugar, and then brushed with toasted sesame oil. For perfection, you can then wrap each one with a blanched spinach leaf - a bit fiddly, but worth doing this step as the fresh spinach flavour hit makes a difference.


Melissa said...

Hello Andrew! Fantastic blog that you have, lovely layout of text and photos!
Thanks for sharing your recipe, I'm a big fan of spinach and that final effort seems amazing!
All the best!