Monday, August 06, 2007

From Lake to Table

Long time-no blog! It has been so long, that I had to go through the tutorial to remind me how to do this (not really, but it sounded good). I have no excuses for the passed time.

We spent a week in the UK, I've been hitting my favorite cooking shops, Dinghams and Lakeland. I've also brought back some mature cheddar and my precious little red chillies for the freezer. I hit the Buy 2 get 1 Free sales that dot WH Smith and Waterstones. That is what kept me occupied for a while, but my guys got busy with their fly rods. Take a look at the July prize winner! 'Bearded Baby' was thrilled till somebody beat him out by 1 ounce!!

He was still listed as one of the winners, and invited to a fish-off later in the year. The 'old man' caught his share as well. I've never seen the 'bearded baby' so proud!!

We usually bring a fish back to the hotel and ask the chef cook one of the trout for us. We decided to give them the 3 regular sized trout, one for us and the rest to put on the menu. The big daddy was given to a friend (although it was his wife who had to clean and prep the fish for the freezer). I love how they presented the fish for the evening meal on the menu.

The chef did a great job on our fish dinner. I can't remember tasting a fish that was so fresh! Lovely and juicy and a great little dill sauce napped on the side. This meal is etched in our memory for a long time to come!

Summer is passing quickly. I hope you are having a great one!


Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful...What is the fish sitting on????

keiko said...

Melissa - I'm glad you had a lovely time (and it's a shame we couldn't meet up!). The fish looks great, hope you are still enjoying the summer. Take care. kx

Betty C. said...

A lot of bloggers have been taking breaks lately, it seems. Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa!
You have a great blog! I've just read that your pizza recipe is from Roberto Donna. Could you PLEASE PLEASE send it to me? My family hates my pizza-experiments (I try and try but it never tastes like real pizza :-)

My email: nadinekasper[at]iplace[dot]at

I'd be very grateful!!!!!

Thanks and have a nice day!

lindy said...

asioesxeI have been a bit lazy with the posting myself, but feel a bit more like it since a short, breezy holiday in Nantucket. Your " fishing plus" trip sounds delightful. Do you fish too?

I'm going to be in England in February, visiting family, so I have been checking out your favorite cookshops online. Sadly, I think I will need to find some others instead-yours are not where I will be. I expect to be mostly in Brighton-it isfull of all kinds of good shops there- maybe Bristol, and a day trip or 2 to London.