Saturday, June 23, 2007

Rollin' on two wheels!

Last Sunday, the clouds and rain lifted for us to enjoy a spectacular 'Paris' day! U.S. Fathers Day, my son and I treated the 'old man' to a ride on the Segway! We've known about the tour for a few years now, but as always, time gets away and the weather turns to winter and who wants to ride around in the cold?? Not me!

Treat yourself to an exhilarating ride through Paris with City Segway Tours! We met our guide at the South Pilar of the Eiffel. The lines were incredibly long on this sunny morning! After getting checked out on the Segway, we hit the streets. Key word, we tried hard not to hit the street. Once we got our confidence, I discovered my Segway didn't have the speed governor hooked up and when I found a patch of sidewalk free of pedestrians, I sped forward! Whee!

Our tour ended about 2 hours later. I must admit, we weren't really listening to our guide but were enjoying manipulating the machine!
We only had two small incidents to speak of, and laugh at! There was a meeting with a speed-bump, which we now call The Extreme Segway Incident! And then there was my almost running over a poor 'water seller' at the gates of the Tuileries! No one was harmed, but the poor guy was happy when I got my machine back in control and left the scene for him to sell bottles of water to tourists!
We hated when we were heading back at the end of the tour, it was so much fun!


Anonymous said...

Would you consider that safe for a feisty grandmother? Sure looks like something I would really enjoy.

keiko said...

Oh Melissa, you must have had so much fun - I wish I could have joined you! How fast can you go with 'the thing'? Can you do stupid things (don't know what) other than crushing into someone...? :)

lindy said...

This looks like major fun. I think I might be too chicken-hearted, hard are they to control?

JamRock said...

I'd never heard about the segway tours!! Great adventure to undertake in the future!! Thks Banlieu Blog

Samantha said...

I've always wanted to ride on a segway! They look like they are going to fall over always though. Lovely blog!