Monday, December 24, 2007

Life through Fresh Eyes!

You already know this, for a fact! I Love Paris! Paris has been our home for the past 23 years! It gets under your become a part of it! I've even laid claim to monuments and places! September, we learned it was time to move on.
Where? Why? When?
We will be moving on December 31st......very symbolic, don't you think? Starting the new year in our new home? You will find me in Lexington Ky now. Why Kentucky? Gosh, it was a bit like throwing the dart towards the map and seeing where it landed, remember the Cher movie, Mermaids? Kentucky has all the towns, like Paris, Winchester, Frankfort, even Versailles that sounded familiar!!!! Rolling hills, horses, deer!
Now you might understand my silence these past few months. It is a very emotional experience to pick up 'sticks' and move on. Let alone orchestrate and organize an international move. I promise to update this blog more often......I mean you've got to read about my Reverse Culture Shock!! Discover where I'll be shopping and how I get on with the day-to-day of life in the US.
Someone told me that I will be looking at life with Fresh Eyes.......I think I've been away long enough that this will be a new adventure. This gal logged much International Experience and I believe she might be right. I'm going to take her advice and try to see my new life with Fresh Eyes.
Happy Holidays to all my friends & readers!
See you on the 'other side'.


Betty C. said...

That is amazing! I can only imagine the mixed emotions...

I think one of my best blogging buddies, Ali of AliThinks, lives in Lexington if I'm not mistaken.

Bon courage! And happy holidays...

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed your blog so very much. I look forward to reading your new adventures in cooking. You will give us a "fresh" view.

Good Peasant Stock said...

What a funny coincidence! I am reading this in my kitchen in Danville, Ky (30 minutes from Lexington). I happened on your blog today for the first time having just returned from 9 days in Paris over Christmas! Welcome to the Bluegrass state!

Jeena said...

Hi there you have such a lovely blog.I have a blog also here is my link Food Recipes

Let me know if you would like to exchange links. Thanks Jeena x

Barbara said...

Melissa good luck with your move. We moved in December also, back to Australia. I love being here and am slowly finding where to go for the best bread, cheese, meat, fruit and vegies, which papers to buy on certain days, where the wine bargains are. We already have a favourite table at three different restaurants which we ask for by number. Until my Nespresso arrives there is perfect coffee just one block from our front door.

chuck said...

Change can be the best thing sometimes. It can also be a little scary. I wish you the best and hope it becomes a positive move for you.

Melissa said...

Betty, I'll be looking at Ali's blog....of course, checking in with you as well. Happy New Year!

Anonymous, Thanks, I'll try to get an update on very soon.

Good Peasent Stock! Great to see you, I'm actually in Georgetown. Nice to see a local gal who loves Paris like I do!

Jeena, I'll take a look at your blog. Thanks for checking in with me!

Barbara, They say change is good, I'm just slow to change! But you are right, finding out where to put some good quality products on the table will make me happy! Happy, Healthy 2008 to you and your family!

Chuck, thanks for the good wishes! I'm going to try to stay positive and look at the good things of life in the U.S.!

Pat said...

I have missed your blog most of this year. I knew something was going on and evenually heard the news. I wish you and your family(Gary and Clay) the best and have missed your classes over this past year. Your will always be someone special that got me hooked on cooking and gadgets!!! I hope after you are settled that you start cooking classes. You have so much to offer and you are a beautiful person. Best of luck with the transition and if you are ever in Rhode Island in the summer give me a shout.

libby Sloan said...

We are all looking forward to hearing more from you. You are in a great place to open a tea, quiche and crumpet shop. With all your expertise, it would be a winner! Remember "Le Cottage" in Marly le Roi?