Thursday, February 12, 2009


Did I ever tell you the story about my Thanksgiving Popovers? No?
Let me make this short and sweet. I usually like to do a 'fresh' bread or roll along side of my 'bird'. Got to thinking about Popovers and thought I could make a batch and bake them off in a muffin tin. Well, those babies did NOT 'pop'! They could have been used as lethal weapons to get rid of any Kentucky critter or evil doer that was passing by. They didn't even make good bird food and our birds eat everything! The birdies turned up their beaks at my offering!

A recent trip to Williams Sonoma, I came home with yet another new baking pan. The mighty popover pan! There are some times when I like living back in the U.S.
Searching through the internet, the worlds biggest cookbook,......I found a recipe that looked pretty good. Sometimes tho, when I look for a recipe I have to find one that fits the ingredients that I have on hand. This recipe called for 2 eggs and I had 3! There ya' go! It also called for some Gruyère cheese, had it in the fridge, I can find a decent one in my Kroger store. Everything was looking good so far.

Looking at the photos above, you can see they rose mighty high and were darned tasty! I'm happy with my purchase and just need to find a place to stash my new piece of cooking equipment!


Chris Chater said...

Melissa, it's been too long - thanks for sharpening your pen/pan once more. Over here it's same but different. Some of the open market stalls have given way to new managers and I notice it in the texture of the beans or the button mushrooms. Freshness is slowly and insidiously becoming shelf life. However it's still possible to shop by seasonal produce and I'm looking forward to slaughtering season for lamb's sweetbreads, the short window when these are really fresh AND when you can get new peas from somewhere other than south America. Dusted in flour with a ratchet of fresh milled black pepper, tossed in hot butter, flambé in cognac and served with the peas slightly stewed with a few sliced carrots, new onions and a small clove of garlic or two, it makes waiting for springtime bearable.

Sorry I didn't post this under the lamb sliders topic but I would have been way too rude to the comment from the person who wanted to use your blog as launchpad for a dotcom for personal gain. Shame on them but kudos to you!

Melissa said...

Hey Chris! I don't think they have Lamb sweetbreads in my local Kroger!

And for your first comment on the shelf-life becoming the norm...I'd still kill for a trip to any open- market in France and a fresh baguette!
Have a good ski break!

Penny said...

Melissa, Just found your blog and am looking forward to reading back. The popovers look great... The right equipment does make a difference. Read about your Le Creuset replacement. Wonder if my 35 year old blue pot could be replaced?

Melissa said...

Penny, I would certainly give your precious blue pot a try. It didn't cost much to send and they give you instructions over the phone on how to do it. I was delighted to receive a brand new pot!
Thanks for checking into my site and as soon as I get my PC back up and running (virus) I will be back to blogging.
Best wishes!