Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baking Frenzy

Easter has come and gone, but there are still some leftover crumbs! About a week before the holiday, I start thinking of what Bread I'll be making! I thought about Croissant, but I got lazy! A typical Easter Bread for our family is the Brioche. Buttery, tender crumb and can have several applications to a batch of dough. I found some more Plugra at Liquor Barn (of all places!!), my local Kroger had fresh yeast and I was on my way.

During my years in France (ahhhh, but a thought away) I have attended many cooking classes, hands-on and demo's! My first Cordon Bleu was a Saturday morning hands-on class. It was lots of fun, my two buddies AA and Barb were loads of laughs, but the dough was already made for us. We were just shaping and baking. A 'taste' into the world of baking, really! I knew I wanted MORE! A 5-day intensive class came a few years later and this recipe is from that exciting class! I also did a last minute, before my move class at Le Notre which was a delight!

The 'old man' hooked up the 220v outlet for me and I am in business with all my Euro gadgets! This yummy looking dough is full of butter and will rest/ferment in the fridge for a few days if you'd like. This dough rose beautifully in the fridge and easy to pull out and shape up for Easter Breakfast & days beyond.


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Chris Chater said...

So glad you had a French thought for Easter, ours was of course in
Burgundy with food frolicking right outside the kitchen window: we let them romp and went off to eat Boeuf Bourgignon instead!

Anonymous said...

So a regular US 220 line is sufficient is sufficient for European appliances?

Banlieue Blog said...

Hi Anonymous......We had a 220 wired in the kitchen and all appliances I bought and used in France are working. The ice cream maker with refridge unit is churning. My French oven is wired in with my dryer and working just fine.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for replying. I wasn't sure you would see my question. I almost bought an immersion blender in Spain last month, but was afraid I would have problems here. Good to know I can indulge my love of European appliances to the luggage limit. Donna

Banlieue Blog said...

Hi again Donna, I love my immersion blender.....don't hesitate in getting one.