Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Brick...in the house!

One product I have been missing since moving back to the states has been Brick pastry. I have shopped all specialty markets, made trips up to Jungle Jim's, the foodie paradise in Cincy, to no avail!

I had just found Puy Lentils on Amazon and decided to give them another gander. Low & Behold, they were available from a place that imports. I'm always surprised that the world gets a little smaller thanks to the Internet! Two packages of 10 Bricks to an order, long shelf life. But, very expensive. I still decided that I wanted to relive some of those fantastic recipes that I had collected from my years in France, and bought them. They arrived, and the family was very happy!

I really didn't have a recipe when I made Sunday lunch. It was a concoction of what was leftover in the fridge. So, mushrooms, cooked chicken, green onions and some cheddar cheese went into the Brick. So paper thin, just like I remembered! It is a real pleasure to work with this pastry. Rolled them up, brushed with olive oil and they baked up very quick. Some of you might ask if you can sub Filo pastry for the Brick, and yes, of course you can.

I had some Haloumi cheese in the fridge, fried that up with a little olive oil. Served with a little baby spinach and fresh strawberries and Sunday lunch was served. Thanks Amazon!

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