Thursday, January 26, 2012

Weeknight Paella

The Sofrito

After the Holidays, I usually scour the grocery to see what is on sale. At my local Kroger, I found some frozen packages of BEAUTIFUL shrimp. I scooped up two packages and threw them in the freezer waiting for a perfect dinner inspiration.

Looking through the freezer a few nights ago I spied those shrimp, some frozen (sorry my friends in France) well as some random chicken pieces. You know where this is heading, right? Paella!
But where did my favorite recipe go? I have been making this for years, I got if off the Weber Grill site. Now that the dinner was planned the recipe was no where to be found. I started searching on the luck. I typed in the gent who presented the recipe, Mr. Jamie Purvaiance. Still no luck, only a link where I could buy his book.
I finally stumbled on WeberNation, right where I left it when I lived in France. Now I'm cookin'!
The finished dish

If you do take a look at the little video, you will notice he prepares the Paella on the Weber. We have done this many times. Winter in Kentucky, a mild winter it is right now....still didn't tempt me outdoors to the BBQ. I made it on the hob and I must say, it was a great success! Moral to the story, shop the sales at the grocery and get a bit more organized with those old recipe files and links!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Makes me want to dig out the old Weber and try this.

Fuel Injection Pipes said...

This is extremely delicious!