Thursday, February 02, 2012

Shot of inspiration!

There is nothing like a Cooking Class to get the inspiration juices flowing! Kinda' like that afternoon shot of about 5 minutes you feel ready to tackle the rest of your work day!

Any person in the Lexington area certainly loves a class with  Phil Dunn. Watching Phil wield a pan of bubbling anything on that beautiful brick red AGA can excite a cook, or just about anybody who loves to eat. He never fails to get me planning my next meal or purchase a tool at one of his favorite local haunts! Shortcuts & tips are aplenty during each class.

The theme of this particular class was Shrimp. Yep, I still had a package of that lovely shrimp from Kroger in my freezer. And yep, they were destined for a 'Phil' recipe. I hadn't made Crepes in quite a while and his Shrimp Newburgh Crepes with a Lobster Sauce sounded like a great treat for the family. But, after a trip to Liquor Barn where Phil said we can find the Lobster Base sent me back home with Menu Plan B. The special ingredient was SOLD OUT!

I made my batter yesterday morning. The batter waited patiently in the fridge for one day! Cooking finished, now the filling will be made! I had some cooked chicken and all the fixings for a Veloute' Sauce which was enriched with some Marsala. Next, I scored some wonderful Raclette Cheese at Sams Club, 2 kinds of Crepes were going to be prepared.
Lovely organic asparagus topped with a dollop of chicken with veloute' sauce. Then a Raclette Crepe was created with sliced boiled potatoes, the Prosciutto Ham and that fantastic cheese which melts to perfection.

Plan B worked out great. Such is supper at my house! 


Michelle said...

Lucky you. Phil is from my home town and catered my wedding a long, long time ago! Your dinner looks grand.

Banlieue Blog said...

Hi Michelle....I bet your wedding food was fantastic! Thank you for taking a look at my blog.