Thursday, December 10, 2015

Buttery Brioche!

 The Verona¨ / Magic Mill DLX Mixer - The Electrolux Assistent Bread Mixer

Yesterday I got my old friend the Kitchen Assistant off the shelf.  I bought him many years ago after a Brioche Dough I was making started climbing up my dough hook and flopping out of the work bowl. Wild days they were! I did some research and discovered the Electrolux Assistant (it has had many names) and bought it at Metro, a wonderful mecca of kitchen equipment and produce store geared for the professional market in the Paris suburbs.

During my 3 1/2 years of working at the Kitchen Store we would get a nice 40% off of electrics during the holidays. I always toyed with the idea of upgrading my Kitchen Aid Ultra Power stand mixer, this is the smallest stand mixer KA makes. While cooking at the store I would get to use a 6qt beauty! I got to know the sounds of a machine, it was a breeze to use, and I would think how much I needed that 6 qt. size.

There is nothing wrong with my stand mixer, it ran for 20 years during our life in France and came back to the states running like a champ! Just like my little food processor, they just keep on trucking! There is a lot to say about the quality of those old gals!

Back to my 40% discount, during the last days that I could get a discount and was in panic buying mode, I decided that my Swedish Assistant, would work just fine. He won't live on the counter, I'll just have to flex a muscle to bring him out of the pantry.

I plugged him and it really made a beautiful dough. I don't feel bad about not purchasing the 6qt after-all.

The Brioche dough is sticky.....full of buttery love! It needs a night in the fridge and the next day it is a workable dough. I fashioned the dough into a little loaf. Proofed and baked it off.....I wish you could smell the wonderful aroma.

The Holidays have begun!

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