Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Hands-On At Le Notre

I've taken quite a few hands-on classes for Puff Pastry, but I've waited for a year to get into the class at Le Notre! Being taught by a 'Master Chef', I was hoping to glean all of his chef-dom by hanging out with him for a while. The school is First Class, all the way! All the equipment is there for you, plus there is a lady to clean your mess and provide you with clean bowls at all times. Fresh coffee and cakes are there when you feel peckish. I learned a new method, I'm not sure I'll 'try this at home'...I'm really used to the Traditional Method. But, I did learn lots of new tricks and some lovely recipes. A great experience!

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keiko said...

Hi Melissa - Your site is beautiful and this pastry looks gorgeous!