Monday, April 18, 2005

Chausson au Abricot

This weekend, a rainy and cold Paris spring weekend, I decided to whip up some Puff Dough. As it turns out, I've got to be at a coffee at my son's school tomorrow. Great excuse to practice. I made some Pastry Cream and some Almond Cream. Lets not talk about my high cholesterol levels, OK!!

The end result is this, a crisp exterior and a delicious surprise in the center.

I also finally figured out how to publish my Favorite Blogs, thanks to Food Blog S'Cool! Thanks Becks and Posh for adding this to your already wonderful blog!

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shuna fish lydon said...

Wow. You made Chausson at home. from scratch. When can I come over?
I had a pear chausson here in Ca. at Della fattoria cafe in petaluma and I had as much fun taking in it's heady butter scent as I did eating it. I told the owners that it tasted like France and it was the exact right color. Because in puff, color is flavour! Next time will you take a photo of the interior? I love these French pastries where the treasure is hidden inside!