Sunday, April 24, 2005

Young chef!

I have passed on some good genes to my son. He does love to cook! His specialty is breakfast, loaded with eggs and cheese! The kid loves smoked salmon added in too, he has rich tastes! Breakfast making skills could make him popular in collage, what do you think?

This morning he is on his way to Poland to help build homes (spring break?), this is his good deed for the year and helps achieve the Service part of his International IB Diploma. Before he takes off tho, he needs a good breakfast--prepared by noneother, himself.

Baseball cap as a hairnet, Boursin cheese and smoked salmon. Oh yeah, plenty of cheddar thrown in as well.

Maalox anyone? He also does a mean Heuvos Rancheros!

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katie said...

That is a good thing. I would like it if my daughter know how to cook. I like your son's recipe. Looks really delicious.