Monday, July 25, 2005

Home Sweet Home

Nothing compares to the anticipation of a trip away.....But there is nothing better than returning HOME! I've been visiting family in the states, and visiting colleges in the Northeast with my son. A great trip and an exciting education for us. Yes, we are saving tuition money as we speak!
I had fun in Boston, introducing Clay to Clam Chowder and Steamers. The Steamers, he just wasn't so sure about, and this kids eats EVERTHING! I think it was the 'beard & foot' that turned him off.

Imagine how excited I was when arriving home and checking my stuffed mailbox and finding a package from California! Nic, from Bakingsheet invited the blogging community to join
Blogging by Mail. She sent a little Thanks for Joining with a carepackage filled with goodies.
I discovered a tupperware filled with
Blondies! Some JellyBelly JBz....and a tempting packet of Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate Mocha mix! I popped open the tupperware and took a long sniff......yum..

You know how you feel after an all night flight, tired and HUNGRY! (our cabbie was driving on fumes, imagine he forgot to fill the tank and drove us from CDG to the western burbs on empty!)
I'm afraid my son gave me the 3rd degree before I started to snarff down the blondies;

  1. Do you know this person?
  2. Is she a crazy blogger?
After answering his questions, we both dug-in. Fresh and delicious and just how I imagined a delicacy from Nic would be!

It has been fun catching up on all my favorite blogs. Some have had fantastic face lifts (panic, my turn!!).
One has tagged me for my very first MEME (yep, I'm honored and excited!).

It is great to be home!


keiko said...

Welcome back Melissa! I'm glad you had a wonderful time in the states. Blogging by mail is happening in Europe too, it'd be good fun!

Barbara said...

Welcome back Melissa. I still haven't found any cannelé tins. I'll be searching Mail order sites next.

Nic said...

Welcome home, Melissa. I'm glad that you received (and enjoyed) my package! I laughed at your son's questions, though. Aren't all of us food bloggers a little crazy, after all? =)

Melissa said...

--Hey guys!
Keiko, I finally replied to your question about the pan, check that post! (I saw the euro blogging my mail, but I'm afraid I'm heading to the U.K. in a few days--I'll miss this one)!

Barbara, If you come up empty handed, lets talk, maybe I can send you a dozen, ok?

Nic, yeah, all those lectures to my son about not taking candy from strangers....but, the little tupperware box is empty, didn't take long!! Thanks again!

Barbara said...

Thanks Melissa. I'm going to the Auckland Food Show next week where all the suppliers exhibit so if no luck I'll be in touch.