Sunday, July 31, 2005

Road Food!

On the road again! This time to the UK, my husband, a pilot, takes the aircraft to maintenance for the month of August. Clay and I tag along.

One of the nice aspects of our trip is sampling the pub food. I guess the term now-a-days is 'Gastropub'. An imaginative and sophisticated style of cooking, served in the cozy pub atmosphere. Wooden tables, candles and flowers adorn each table. Copious servings, always a roast of some kind, and a vegetarian option. It is the kind of food I serve at home, really!

This is a sample of what was on the menu for Sunday Lunch at The Sun, located in Bentworth. The menu changes with the season, with Daily Specials noted.

Today, there were two chalkboard specials. One was the Roast Lamb, and in the photo above is the Somerset Pork Roast with cider & onion sauce. Traditionally, you are always served 3 veg and 1 potato side dish. This is lots of food on the plate!
For dessert, I couldn't resist the Banofee Pie. I wonder it they would give me the recipe. This was really yummy!
See for yourself....

You can see the thick chocolate sauce that the pie was


Cathy said...

Have a great trip Melissa! That pork roast looks so good... I love all those vegetable sides - you're lucky to get one vegetable around here! The pie looks yummy as well. I'll have to look that up - I've never heard of Banofee Pie.

Fanny said...

You're so lucky, i love Banoffee Pies, they're so good.

Melissa said...

---Hi Cathy! Banoffee is a combo of banana and toffee.....epicurious has a recipe online, i'm anxious to try this 'at home'.
Take care!

---Hi Fanny! Yep, this seems to be my newest love! You have a good recipe?

Fanny said...

Hi melissa,
yes i have one and i'll post it on my blog when i'll have time.

Melissa said...

--Fanny, Excellent!!!! I'll check your blog for the recipe!

By the way, your blog is charming! Are you French?