Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Look at my booty!

Trust me.....not my best side! Now that I got your attention, read on!!!!!!!
My neighbor brought over a package this morning. It was an 'Amazon Box', I thought, Huh? Did I forget about something I ordered? To my surprise & delight this box was filled with booty galore! All the way from Maryland! Cathy, a formidable blogger who runs My Little Kitchen was terribly thoughtful and generous in her choices. Even down to the New York Times that was cushioning the treasures she sent.

Cathy sent some awesome Vermont Maple Syrup---can't wait to try this on my 'yeasted' waffles! Plus, the bottle is very cool and will be kept, when empty, for other uses!
She sent some cookies and bars (both arrived in great condition, not a crumb was seen, even tho they made an ocean crossing!) We are tearing into these, trying not to finish them off in one day, DELISH!
Baking Powder---you can only find 'single-acting' baking powder here, so this was a fantastic addition to the box! Old Bay seasoning, which I love to use on any fish filet or use with any dry rub concotion! Salt Water Taffy and a package of Pecans rounded off the booty!

Blogging by Mail has been such fun to participate in and I can't wait for the next one. I guess next time I'll try my hand at making and sending cookies, instead of copping-out by sending tea and sea salt to my Blogging by Mail buddy.

Sincere thanks to Cathy for sending the box and Nic for hosting!!


linda said...

I wouldn't call salt a cop out! I would love to get some of the Sel de Camargue in the mmail. We used to carry it at an exorbitant $7.50 for that little jar, but now I can't find it anywhere and there are just a few grains rattling around the bottom of my last tub...

Melissa said...

--Linda, whew, $7.50 for sea salt makes me think of starting an export biz!
Wanna' be my blog-by-mail buddy next round?? Fleur de Sel can be included!

linda said...


Nic said...

Great post, Melissa. I had no idea that you couldn't get double acting baking powder! It's great that Cathy thought of that!