Monday, September 19, 2005

A Gourmet Outing

This past Saturday and Sunday was the Jour de Patrimoine in France. That's National Heritage Day to you and me.

Gary and I headed out towards Giverny to attend the Fete du Patrimoine Gourmand d'Ile-de-France at the Domaine de Villarceax. What a day! Puffy clouds and 65 degrees. We arrived early enough to beat the crowds. On the gorgeous grounds of this Domaine we found locally grown veg. Local beer, cheese and bread!
All things dear to my heart! Everything was Bio, or organic.

Beautiful pumpkins and squash, wonderful fall colors!

They had cooking demonstrations, little Bistros set-up around the grounds, Merguez Sausages cooking on Weber grills (I get a kick out of Weber grills being used in France)

Bread was being baked and consumed on the premises. Someone had
to sample the home-brewed beer and taste some of that lovely
bread and Brie de Meaux!

Since the day was young and everyone (husband) was in a good mood......we headed over to Giverny, just to see if Claude has moved the furniture around. Giverny is a tourist magnet on a sunny Sunday afternoon, and it seemed that landed in the middle of an American Tour bus. The gardens were beautiful as you can see!

We even stopped at a gallery up the street. I found a great painting that I'll be considering.

Yesterday was one of the reasons that I love living in France!


Barbara said...

Oh I'm just sooo jealous. Reminds me of the day Bryan and I went to Giverney, saw Monet's garden,walked back to the village and no train for hours. We sat outside a little tabac drinking beer and every now and then one of us would dash up/down the street for more bread/cheese/coffee/cake. One of those memorable afternoons watching French village life.

Mona said...

Wow that brings back such great memories of countless field trips to Monet's the pictures. I have one similar to that last one hanging up in my room...maybe everybody does :)
And I even remember those big white signs throughout France. Sounds like you had a fabulous day!

Gia-Gina said...

Lovely photos! I am marking your site and another ex-pat gets found.

drbiggles said...

Uh, yeah. It's not like that here. We had another gang related shooting and death the other day though, that's what we have.


Alicat said...

Wow...beautiful pictures! I can't believe how lush that garden picture is. I'm jealous too! :)

keiko said...

Melissa - I'm glad you had a lovely time, all of the pictures look beautiful. We're off to South France this week (on motorbike!), unfortunately we won't be visiting Paris this time though...

Melissa said...

--Barbara, sounds like you need another trip to Paris, it does get under your skin!
--Mona, do you remember September in France? Filled with Brocantes and Food Festivals!
--Gia-Gina, Expats don't do too much complaining! Life is good!
--Biggles, I admit, I live in a bubble! Not to trivialize, I know my roots!! I know things are rough right now and my thoughts are always with those 'back home'.
--Hi Alicat! Thanks for taking a look at my blog.
--Keiko, do be careful on your trip, a motorbike! Can't wait to see what beautiful photos you bring back with you! Have fun!!!!!