Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Dinner on the Fly!

Somewhere between Indian Summer and today we have slid into Autumn. No complaining, there is something very cozy.....Grey sky, cool mornings, I really love it! I ordered my firewood today, beating the rush. Soon to arrive and be stacked.
I had found some fresh Pave' of Salmon in the market today and thought they'd be lovely on the grill for dinner. I also have been eyeing the new crop of Courge (pumpkin-like squash) at the Ferme de Gally, so I bought a little one. There was a sad eggplant in my vegetable bin along with some onions and a courgette. Dinner was being planned!

Yep, the American in Paris has lit her grill on a soft rainy evening. I'm sure my neighbors chuckle at me, and in December, they downright howl with laughter and point at the crazy neighbor with her Weber Kettle!

I started out making a 'ratatouille' type vegetable stew, but that pumpkin got chopped up and thrown in the pan, I made a Cartouch (a paper circle out of parchment paper) to keep the flavors/steam inside the pan, then found some coconut cream in the pantry. Next, that leftover rice that was in the bottom of the fridge. I reduced the juices from the vegetables and added the coconut cream, checked the seasoning and blended the veg, rice and amazing sauce together. The salmon was grilling happily in the rain, the wine from the September Fete de Vins was poured, family was called to dinner.

It really was one of the dinners that I wished I had invited some company. Next time!


joey said...

That sounds like a lovely dinner! And do grill away despite the chuckles... :)

Melissa said...

Hey Joey!! I do love to BBQ, and all winter long!
Take care!

Mona said...

I am so excited fall is here. My mom went a little overboard with Halloween decorations that doubled as birthday presents for me (tues the 27th) but so excited that it's pumpkin soup season once again. Your creation sounded delicieux!

Barbara said...

I've got a Weber I've used once in two years. Would love to know how to do salmon on/in it. Spring here so weather is improving.

Barbara said...

Melissa - I don't have a email address for you. Which are better copper or tin? What do you use? How much are the copper?

Michèle said...

Hi Melissa, how I would love to catch the smell of a grill in the air! Just seeing the picture made me sigh with envy.. I'll have to find me one of those in Paris :)