Monday, October 31, 2005

College tour!

Back in Paris after our quick trip to Boston. Don't you just love the portable DVD and ice cream!!

We drove from Boston to Troy NY, I've forgotten how beautiful autumn in the states can be! 'They' say we hit the tail-end of the leaf season, and judging from our snowy trip back to Boston from Troy, I'd say 'they' were right. There was still enough color for me to appreciate fall! We managed to tour three schools.

Clay and I stuffed ourselves with seafood and I did some power shopping near the Marriott, Copley Place. Of course there was a beautiful Williams Sonoma for me to peruse many times!

Did I really need that 'breading tray set', you ask? I now wonder, how did I ever live without it! Look at that lovely Panko Crusted Chicken in the last tray, waiting to be seared in my copper pan. The eggs in the middle tray have been enriched with Moutarde Violette, that has 'mout de raisin' in it.

To accompany my chicken I got the 'big fat fryer' out and fried some sweet potatoes.
Healthy... no? Add a salad and I'm happy to be home again!


Cindy said...

I bet Boston's a nice town, I wanna go there sometimes !
Nice breading tray set and the chiken in it looks nice :)
Fried sweet potatoes ? I've never tried, is it good ?

Mona said...

Glad you got back safe and sound from Boston. Hope it was productive and your son found some beautiful places to go to school!

keiko said...

Welcome back Melissa! I'm glad you had a lovey time, the autumn colour must have been so beautiful around Boston, any chance you are posting some photos? :)

Melissa said...

---Cindy, Fried Sweet potatoes---really good, you should give them a try!

---Mona, Boston was great, school search was productive. Glad to be back and starting to save money for college! Yikes!

--Keiko, Too busy to shoot! Looking at school, shopping and eating.....good trip!