Sunday, October 16, 2005


There is a fun event that many bloggers are participating in, called Blogging By Mail. The first event was created by Nic, of the fabulous BakingSheet. I received a wonderful box from Cathy! Over the summer, BBM2 was instituted. The number of participants are growing by leaps and bounds and BBM3 is now gathering names and addresses. This one looks pretty fun because there are items of interest you need to put into the box before you sent it off.
A couple of days ago, I received my box of goodies, from the BBM2 round. When I opened the box I was hit with a delicious coffee bean aroma! Next, I spied a can of Chai Tea....I opened the can was hit again with an exotic 'nose'. It smelled so delicious, I was tempted to use it as a potpourri. Pawing through the box, I found were some Nibs from Scharffen Berger Chocolate. This was the most delightful smelling box of treats I've ever encountered!
I can't forget about the lovely tea bread that was included in this incredible box! Karine, my BBM2 buddy sent a very detailed letter complete with recipes for the Lavender Tea Bread. And a recipe for Deep Chocolate Brownies with the Nibs from Scharffen Berger. Karine told me that she created this recipe herself! I can't wait to try it---always in the mood for chocolate! I can't thank Karine enough for all the kindness in the box!

I encourage you to get involved with BBM! You don't need a blog to participate. You'll meet new people from around the world and get a chance to sample some pretty delicious goodies and enjoy some regional specialties! Just click on the BBM3 link above and join the fun!

For those who participate in is your favorite Black and White dog!

Yep, he looks rather regal on the bed with his legs crossed....the calm before the storm. Max is very much a puppy who loves a good dig in my garden. Just part of the fun of owning a dog!


Nic said...

Looks like your partner was from the SF Bay Area Melissa. The Blue Bottle Coffee is a giveaway. What a great package!

Mona said...

That is so cool! I love it, is there a ceiling as far as how much money goes into it? I wouldn't be sure how much was too little or not enough to send. It is a really great thing to be involved in, if I had more than a few pennies to spend on myself after rent I'd participate...ha!
Might be a few years :)
Hope you had a good weekend!

Alicat said...

The puppy dog looks fabulous! That picture is funny, sort of looks like you cropped his eyes on purpose to protect his identity. ;)

Melissa said...

Nic....You are right, someone from California. That coffee is lovely, I'm drinking a cup each morning!

Mona.....I would think that people are more 'into' the 'thought' of the box and not the contents! Not to worry about spending more than you can! Just a few goodies and whatever else...join in! I'll be your buddy!

Alicat....yes, I'm protecting my hound! I just wanted to show off his pretty paws which he does cross!

Michèle said...

Lavender tea bread sounds yummy. What a nice package you received! And I love the dog too. He does look quite jaunty sitting there like that.

shuna fish lydon said...

I am very interested to know what you think of that ScharffenBerger milk chocolate. It's one of my new favorite things.

Melissa said...

Michele----The tea bread was delicious. Turned out very moist, despite the ocean mailing!

Shuna......As soon as I make a batch of Karine's brownies I'll let you know my thoughts! (will I taste the difference?)