Saturday, October 01, 2005

Cleaning out the Fridge

You know the feeling, hungry....but nothing to eat in the fridge?
My family always complains that for such a good cook, there is never anything to eat. Hunger pangs didn't go away after a piece of fruit, so I started to dig-----down-----deep-in the back of the fridge------where green things grow!

It isn't that bad (just sometimes I find green things), but I did net some taboule' (yes, that is green) bought from the Galleries Gourmand, some Ricotta and Feta cheese as well were lurking in the fridge. I just happened to be thawing out some pizza dough from my Mediterranean Bread class a few weeks back, when, the creative juices were flowing towards a pizza compose'! Roughly translates to, dump anything that sounds good and semi-fresh on some really good pizza dough.

Now, on to somebody handsome and know him and love him......this is Max! The bearded one is, Clay!


Mona said...

What a face on that puppy! I love that picture...and how his nose is right at the lens! So cute!

Nupur said...

gawd...such an adorable pooch!

shuna fish lydon said...

that big black d o g is the best. love the big sleepy relaxed nose. I have a thing for the dog who leans on me. stepping on my feet is also good.

keiko said...

Hooow adorable!