Sunday, December 18, 2005

Lamb Shank Redemption

Boning up for an upcoming class today, I was perfecting some Slow Roasted Lamb Shanks. Before I write the recipe out for the ladies, I like to iron out all possiblities of a belly-flop during class, this means eating the dish, and sometimes a few times in a row, if I'm not happy with the outcome.
The Shanks have just come from their searing and are waiting for the aromatics to soften before they get doused with generous glugs of red wine. Then, baked for 3 hours the meat is fork tender. Served with some creamy Polenta in front of the fire place. Dinner in the suburbs! Well, just one of the items I'll demo for my Weeknight Food Class.

I think Max is giving me 'two paws up'.....he is gazing wantonly at those bones! The glass plate looks like his nose is sitting right on top and inches from the Shanks, but look close, optical illusion, and I must add that no Lamb was harmed in the shooting of this photo!!

This moment of sharing gives me an opportunity to participate in Sweetnicks sponsored WDB#14! This one should be fun, there is a theme of food & dogs, in the same room!

Now......back to my Lamb Shanks!


Mona said...

OOOH! I heard about the dog and food pic. What a great entry :) Adorable pooch and love the two paws up...good luck with the class!

Anonymous said...

Looks delicious, delicious!! And a movie buff too!!

Michèle said...

I love your dog! What an adorable picture with those pleading eyes of his ;)

Melissa said...

--Mona, Thanks, this class should 'go' without a hitch, I hope!!

--Anonymous, thanks for checking in!

--Michele, One false move and those shanks would have vanished behind those pleading eyes! You ought to buy a dog, the French love their dogs!

laurie said...

Oooh I want to smooch this dog. so sweet!

Nicky said...

Oh my God, poor dog, I am just trying to imagine the tempting smell of the lamb... All the best for your second year of blogging :)