Friday, December 02, 2005

A little round loaf

I needed a canapé loaf of Pan de Mie for my Holiday Class next week. I'll be starting the class off with a taste of Foie Gras on a little toast, topped with a spoonful of my Confiture de Vin. I won't demo the Foie or the Bread, but I will be cooking up a batch of Wine Jelly for the ladies!

The recipe I am using is cut in half....I dusted off my round molds (they don't get much use) and started to relax! Taking in the lovely smell of the fresh yeast, shaping my loaves of bread sure beats fighting for a parking place at the already crowded mall! Yes......little old ladies hop out of their cars to guard a parking place, while the husband circles back to the parking spot. Frustrated beauties in stilleto heels shake their fists from their Mercedes SUV.....ahhhhhh, the anger.......I love Christmas! ----Back to my dough!!

I've blogged about Pain de Mie before, so I won't bore you again. To shape this into the little mold, you roll, baguette style, and place into the buttered mold. This is the tricky part, trying to fill the exact amount of dough into the mold to make a perfect little round loaf. Mine are NOT always perfect! Try to fill the mold about 1/3 full. A pro will scale each loaf!

The result, not bad! With the leftover dough I made little rolls sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and topped with a coffee flavored glaze. Fresh dough is never wasted!


Anonymous said...

c'est pas mal ta rubrique gastronomique.


Cindy said...

Gosh, your "pain de mie" are huge ! I gotta make some too for Christmas (canapés...). I do scale each loaf, or any bread for that matter, just to be sure one loaf is the the same weight as the other one :)

Fanny said...

Those cinnamon rolls looks so attractive to me. I'm sure they tasted so good.

Mona said...

wow, my family does cinnamon rolls every year for xmas and i'm startin to get the craving early now!!

Nic said...

Mmm. You can never go wrong with cinnamon buns. I do that with leftover dough, too.
I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a pain de mie mold for Christmas!

Caroline said...

First time on your blog...
I like it, I'll come back soon

Cate said...

Can't find your e-mail, but check out the PS in my post yesterday - thought you might want to participate in the upcoming WDB contest this weekend.

Melissa said...

Thanks Dany!

--Cindy, I've seen your blog, so professional! I need to check in soon!

--Fanny, Those rolls were pretty good, my son and I fought over the last one, I won!!

--Mona, Can't wait to read about your Christmas! Take lots of photos!

--Nic, Does Santa have a good kitchen shop that he frequents?

--Caro, Look forward to seeing you back again!

--Sweetnicks, Max is ready and waiting!