Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Rubies in a Jar!

Checking in with my favorite bloggers, like we all do, I discovered Dr. Biggles & gang on a Podcast in November! It was a fantastic show, lots of Holiday (Thanksgiving) insight and some good recipes were shared.

You know when you 'read' a blog, that blog has a voice......I really thought ol' Biggles was going to talk with a whiskey- voiced, southern-drawl......well, I was wrong, not even a tiny twang was heard! He sounded very Californian.

A very interesting recipe was called-in to the Podcast and I thought I might give it a whirl. Especially since the Cranberries were looking a little sad that were left in the crisper drawer from Thanksgiving. The recipe sounded like a winner and I even added some cherries and dried cranberries to the mix in a moment of inspiration!
It was an oven-baked Cranberry relish/sauce, the recipe couldn't be more simple. You mix the cranberries with some sugar & the addition of frozen cherries and the dried cranberries.....along with a jar of Orange Marmalade. So far, so good.

Then, throw the lot onto a cookie sheet and bake away for 45 minutes. All was well, until the juice started to rise precariously to the edge of the cookie sheet. All I could think about was that sticky mess dripping on my cleaned oven!! The day was saved when I threw in a large pan to catch the mess! Really, the juices got thick and no drips occured! False alarm!

Surprisingly, this little mess worked out. Beautiful in a little jar, served with a lovely piece of Pain Polaine, a slice of goat cheese and topped with this relish. This works just fine for the Holidays. I think it will be great alongside the Christmas Capon or whatever you find in the oven on Christmas Day!
Wish you were here!


joey said...

That sounds so yummy...and looks stunning! I wish I had fresh cranberries here so I could try it :(

Anonymous said...

I really wish I was there. Hopefully, I'll be in France around June 11.

Fanny said...

First, i love pain poilane, i love goats (and thus love goat cheese, you might have read my post about the training period in a goat breeding farm). And this combination of pain poilane, goat cheese and cranberry relish sounds so good.

drbiggles said...

What? No slug gravy?

Great nutrition I hear.

Tourtiere fer Saturday & Turkey for Sunday and BBQ Pork Spare Ribs for Tuesday!