Saturday, March 25, 2006

Bird Seed & Cardboard

There comes a time in your life, usually very close to a birthday that ends in ZERO, when you start to reflect on things. A quick trip for some new workout clothes, I discovered, in a very unforgiving mirror that 'foxy turned into frumpy' and something needed to be done. I won't hit 50 till November mind you, but action is in order & NOW!

Enter: The Personal Trainer!

Phase 1: The Assessment. This is where she takes a look at your eating habits. I had to log a 3-day food diary, no secrets! I had to fill out a health background, she even looked at my blood work. This chick is serious. She takes a look at your gait, your spine and hips.....even your knees and feet! She is now, rather acquainted with me. The only thing I know about her is that she has a killer-bod for an over-50, and she is very much a 'pro'.

Once she informed me I needed to eat more food and I was probably going to rebel and yell, the hubby and I took a trip to the local BIO (healthfood) store in Le Pecq. This was strange territory for me. Looking around at the many selections of cardboard and bird-seed. The bio vegetables didn't look too much different from what I was already buying, to be honest. Just the price tag looked higher.

Next session: the Physical Assessment. Hmmmmmm......well....... even though I walk and workout pretty much daily, I'm not in good shape. My 'core' is weak. All the more reason to have hired her. I'm not going to try to lose weight, just learn to eat healthier and she will kick-up my workout program. I'm ready!

The food program is nothing more than the famous food Pyramid! You know, 5 from this column, 3 from that column. It is all commen sense, but I just really had not plugged it in to our food life at home!

I've replaced my precious toast and butter for Muesli/Yogurt/Fresh Fruit.
Surprisingly, the Meusli was good and really didn't taste like I was eating sawdust! Oh those Preconceived Notions!

Lifestyle changes, hardwork.......we'll see! It can only get better.......but what about my full-fat cream & butter?? Everything in moderation, right?


b'gina said...

Absolutely, the everything in moderation thing. Years ago when the media was telling us that butter was going to kill us, I read a lot about the issue and learned that artificially hydrogenated fats, like margarine, were worse for us than butter. So, I never switched. I'm the one pushing middle age with the low cholesterol, part good genes, but also part eating sensibly instead of following the panicked herd.

Good luck with the regimen. It's worth it to feel better and have more energy, even if you're not approaching a birthday ending in a "0". :G:

bcinfrance said...

It is fun to rediscover healthy foods. I went through a Picard phase and am getting back to simple, more natural ingredients. The big 50 is a milestone, it's on my horizon too but not for a few years! Glad your blog is back up.

Barbara said...

Try the Pilates for Dummies DVD. I got myself a personal trainer after my last lot of chemo and he recommended the Pilates one day a week as part of my programme. It helped me tremendously with my "core".

Michèle said...

Hi Melissa, Im impressed that you've gotten yourself a trainer! I wish you the best of luck with the new regimen. I know what you mean about the full fat butter and cream. I used to eat all the low fat stuff until I moved to France. Suddenly it just seemed kind of blasphemous to go for low fat here!

Anne said...

HI! I just dicovered your blog. I like it. I will follow your diet and "régime" closely with your personal trainer/nutritioniste. Good for you! Yes, I find the BIO stores in France intriguing. Usually find all kinds of American stuff that you read about in vegetarian cookbooks but can't find in France. Keep up the good effort and the blog. It looks like you've got supporters and that is the best thing you can have when you're au régime! Bon Courage.
Anne from

Melissa said...

b'gina.......pushing middle age...enjoy my dear!! I agree, keep butter in the menu, not margarine!

bcinfrance.....Hi Betty...Picard has it's place, you gotta' love the convenience of it! Their Asperge is fine when you can't find it in season. Thanks for checking in with me!

oh barbara! I will put that DVD on my list from Amazon! Are you up to any excercise these days? Thanks for the fax, btw!

Michele, enjoy your Paris time, no low fat, ok!! Pierre would not be happy to hear the words,low fat!

Hi Anne, thanks for taking a peek at my blog, I'm on my way to see what your blog is all about, anything that ends in 'Cuisine' MUST be good!