Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Drive-Thru Bakery!

Just when you think you've seen it all... run straight into a Drive-Thru Boulangerie!

Drive-Thru Bakery

You've really got to wonder how a 'drive-thru' bakery can make a success in a tradition-steeped country like France. The French have a Boulangerie in every town, perhaps even two! On any Sunday morning you'll find the line of hungry people waiting for their turn to buy their daily bread. The line will snake out the door and spill out onto the sidewalk. The keyword is Patience, you see, everyone gets their turn.

the menu
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I honestly don't know how business is for this place. There was nobody else driving in, but me. As I drove into the drive-thru line, I was reminded of Disneyland Paris and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. That ride is corny, but we love it! The artwork on the walls of this place was interesting, to say the least!

I guess when you live here long enough, you really do see it all!


lindy said...

Very strange.
But how was the bread?

Mona said...

oh man. that is so funny!! i love it. and like you, i find myself amused by the small simple things in life (as in the wall paintings at the drive-thru boulangerie:)
can't wait to hear how long it lasts. i'm pulling for them!

bcinfrance said...

This is great! Surprising, perhaps, but a lot of American-style things are coming to France; witness Subway sandwich shops...

Melissa said...

Lindy, yes, it is strange....the bread was ok. I'm not racing back!

Mona, Since they've added sandwiches and french fries to the menu, I just wonder how long they'll last.

BC.....pass that address on to Subway. They aren't out my way yet!

keiko said...


bcinfrance said...

Have you looked at your blog lately? For some reason, it comes up very strangely, nothing but links. I waited a week or so but then thought I would tell you.

Anonymous said...

that's a hoot! I never would have believed it if you hadn't shown me a pic! Guess the reason for the line out the door is so you have to walk to it and burn some calories!-