Thursday, March 30, 2006

Crème Brûlée---The best kept secret

Crème Brûlée, burnt cream, this is one of the easiest recipes to impress dinner guests! So sinful, so delicious!

Trust me, there is no section in the Food Pyamid for crème brûlée, if there was, everybody would be eating the FP way!

Company was coming last night and this is one easy recipe to prepare in the morning, right after your workout!

The recipe I use is from an ancient Southern Living great where ever in the world you are located. What can be wrong with cream, egg yolks and sugar? You must cook this in a 100c oven and if you even see the slightest quiver of a bubble you turn down the oven.

The manly blow torch is not necessary, but dang, it looks cool!
This recipe is So Good!


lindy said...

Creme brulee is perhaps my all time favorite dessert. If a restaurant offers it, I will almost always try it. Rather like roast chicken, it is the simple thing done perfectly, which seems to be a good predictor for the rest of the menu.
I don't have one of those little torches. Whenever I decide to get one, and look at product reviews, they always seem to say they don't work very well. do you recommend a particular type?

Mona said...

wowww! i'm impressed and i'm not even a dinner guest :) put a torch on it!!
that looks great, and i'm shocked seems doable.

lee said...

Im jealous of your creme brulee/ perfect pancke dispenser. Good job finding multiple uses for this seemingly single-use item. My dad used to roast red peppers with his torch!

Barbara said...

I'm a creme brulee fan and always order it if it is on the menu. And no I'm not excercising at the moment.

bcinfrance said...

Bravo! This is one French dessert I haven't tried to cook myself. I guess it's the blow torch that dissuades me.

Cindy said...

Looks good ! The blowtorch is great, really useful for creme brulée.

Melissa said...

Lindy, I bought my torch at BHV, is there one near you? I also bought the little 'spreader' attachment just because I thought it was more effective! I did have one from W&S in the states, it was a mini size, great for 2 or 3 people, but when you have a group it just doesn't work well!

Mona, you are invited to dinner anytime!

Lee....I do love the idea that your dad roasted peppers with his torch, guess you learned from 'the knee'!

Barbara, I always feel that a test to a good basic menu is the CB, if they can do it well, I'm a regular!

Betty, you don't need a torch, this recipe is so easy!

Cindy, I do love my kitchen'tools'!
Even the ones from BHV!

Anonymous said...

that little attachment on the torch certainly does make it seem very "manly" WOW! Puts my little one to shame! I won't discuss size any more with you! tee hee hee! A great dessert to make! Stephanie was in Paris 2 weeks ago - sorry she missed you! She just loved being back (read the blog but have time as it takes 10 min. for the dissertation!) and has already decided that she'll go back to study french again next year probably during summer of '07 as she loves this study abroad - or should I say, traveling on mom and dad's money abroad!!! Stacey disappointed in her college rejections but either going to Univ of Miami FL or Boston U. 2 extremes from each other! Just wishing she was not a white girl at this point! Oh well...all will work out. Nathan was disappointed as well - white boy and not a minority- but sounds like he may be heading to Kenyon close to me so Janice will finally have to come visit me in Columbus!! Miss ya
take care -

lindy said...

I just found me a little blow torch at Lowe's! It looks just like yours, except lacking the spreader attachment. I am a bit afraid of it though, as it is huge and fierce looking. I am working up my nerve to try.

Melissa said...

Barb! Great news on college, I am sorry we didn't hook-up with Steph. I'll have to read about her adventure here.

Lindy.....for some reason I thought you lived in France, I hope you 'blog' about your torch, at least let me know how you like it. Bonne Courage!

keiko said...

Melissa, I want one of the dispensers and manly blow torches! Your brulee looks great.

fine-dining-restaurants-singapore said...

lovely! nothing beats finishing off a meal with creme brulee!

Anonymous said...

Where did you purchase the torch in the picture?

Dan Guerrero said...

I agree that creme brulee is one of the best deserts every created! I haven't tried making it yet either, but I have ordered it at so many restaurants that I started my own blog ( dedicated to it. Check it out!!