Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Weekend

A few signs of spring in the 'hood'! Slow but sure the cold is giving way to a bit warmer weather!
I've packed away my long-underwear for my morning walks and I'm seeing flowering buds that will soon turn into lovely cherries in my garden. I won't hold my breath, Easter Morning was a typical one, rain! You can't organize an Easter Egg Hunt for an 18 year old, so I greeted the morning with a power-walk with Max. Max would have been happy to hunt for eggs, I remember old T-Bone would find week old eggs in the garden that we missed! Mmmmmm, the smell of eggs rotting in the garden were a real treat to an Old Lab!

Easter Sunday I made a batch of Croissant Dough, to be turned into Pain au Chocolate! A two day event that concluded this morning! See the progress below!

I think the dough could have used another half hour of proofing, but the results weren't bad. Plus I was out of eggs for the egg wash. Oh well! I have the other half waiting in the fridge for another try!


Cindy said...

Not bad at all !

Melissa said...

Hey Cindy, coming from you.....I'm smiling! You know I admire your baking skills!
(ps....thanks for the eMail!)

lindy said...

They look lovely to me.

bcinfrance said...

I love these patchwork photos. How did you do that? And homemade "pains au chocolat"...I'm impressed!

bea at La Tartine Gourmande said...

Nice de bons pains au chocolat. I have not had one in SOO LOONNGG! Too long!

Melissa said...

Thanks Lindy! They were tasty!

Betty, I use Picasa, a downloaded program and they have an option to make a collage, I'm still working on it tho....notice there are three doubles!

Bea...always nice to see you peek in! With your talents dear, you can easily whip up a batch!

Mona said...

oh my goodness, you made homemade pain au chocolats?!?! i'm coming chez vous for easter next year;) hope you had a great weekend.