Thursday, April 13, 2006

Burn Baby Burn!

This photo gives meaning to the phrase 'flame broiled'.

Let me back-track in my story! My 'mentor/friend' has put the word out that I should start thinking about what we will be cooking for the Fall Lineup. My grilling classes seem to be a good seller.......Unless a student stops in to read this blog post!

I bought some Cedar Planks over the summer while in the states. We love grilled salmon and this method seems like an ideal way to impart some smoky flavor while keeping the salmon moist. I dug out the recipe on the package and double checked what Steve Rachlin said about plank'd food and was good to go!

You soak the plank for 2 hours, then Steve said to put it on the grill to heat up. I noticed that my plank immediately warped! Hmmmmm, well, this was an experiment!

The recipe I was using could not have been simpler, salt and pepper the salmon and sprinkle some brown sugar on top.
Smoky & Sweet!
You might notice that I have a battalion of grills! I have inherited, at very good prices, one large Weber Kettle from a dear friend who moved to Chicago. The gas grill you see was another good buy from a dear friend who moved back to California.
I wasn't a fan of gas, but I do admit, great for fish and quick Sunday lunches.......Yes......Even grilled pizza works great on this old gal!

I wasn't too worried about the smoke, the Pompier weren't called in.
I did, however, need that spray bottle of water that Steve recommends!
You are only supposed to leave the salmon in for 10 minutes, but in about 8 minutes I was Up in Smoke, and nothing like those old Cheech & Chong movies. (check top photo)

Without the water bottle, my reusable plank was in cinders!

So, it is back to the drawing board for another try. The result was
delicious, but I'm sure I had the gas grill too hot, and needed that
spray bottle of water. Live & Learn and grateful for 'a next time'!


Barbara said...

Maybe if you soaked the board in water before using it might help. Happy Easter.

drbiggles said...

I dunno, I tried some planked meals and my food tasted like my grandmother's closet.

You may want to try cooking with planks indirectly. When you put wood over fire it'll generally burst in to flames, water or no. Or turning down the heat, which is tough with many gas grills.


Melissa said...

Barbars, I did soak for 2 hours, I think my gas grill was too hot.

Biggles, you always make me laugh, I did tell my husband that the smell reminded me of a cabin we rented in North Carolina.....all 'cept the cinder smell! I'll try charcoal for the next plank.

Fanny said...

Oh my god what an "aventure".
Though i'm sure it was delicious!!!