Saturday, July 15, 2006

Who is in the Kitchen?

Yesterday was Bastille Day. We get our own private 'airshow' before the big parade on the 'Champs'! Out this way, there is a military airport and 2 days before the parade the planes start to practice. Back in the 'old days' the drone of these old engines would bring my son running into the back garden shouting 'airplanes'! You see the 'look to the sky gene' gets passed on from father to son. Even the 'old pilot' will run to the back garden -to this day- and look to the sky when the planes are flying in formation!

So, before our private airshow began, the pilot announced he would like to prepare our lunch! This menu would consist of a Scallop and fennel salad. We had the ingredients and I said, PLEASE, COOK!

Posted by PicasaHe started the fennel by boiling till tender. Then he sliced it and browned it up on the Le Crueset. He then reduced the fennel liquid and added a star anise! Next step was to saute the scallops and make the butter sauce with the fennel reduction. Is this sounding good or what??
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Here is the end result! Topped with some mache!

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Hey, I think he is welcome back to the kitchen anytime!


lindy said...

This sounds delicious. I say, let the guy in the kitchen whenever he volunteers.

Anonymous said...

HI! What is mache?

Melissa said...

Lindy, Thanks, it really was good!

Anonymous.....Mache is 'lambs lettuce', the lettuce on the top of the scallops!

Megan said...

Melissa - this looks divine! Happy belated bastille day...did you get to see the fireworks? They were amazing!!! Ahh, Paris!

bcinfrance said...

Fennel is one of my favorite French veggies. Combined with scallops -- sounds great!

Melissa said...

Hi Megan, I haven't been 'in' to see the fireworks for a LONG time! Lucky you!

Hi Betty, I ended up cooking the fennel in the same fashion again, just served as a side veg.....I'll try it again, but want to cook on the grill!

keiko said...

He is welcome to my kitchen anytime too :)

vslparis said...
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vslparis said...

Good grief, this brings back those times of watching the planes go by in Noisy on 14 July. You know Eric always says that you can eat anything that has a good sauce, and this looks like one of those simple yet elegant finishes that makes French food one of the best. Yum.