Sunday, July 09, 2006

Alive and Kickin'

It's the eve of the big game! My normally quiet neighborhood is buzzing! Bleu-Blanc-Rouge is appearing everywhere. Homemade flags are posted on front doors, kids are kicking soccer balls, flags are waving from second story windows.
Wednesday evening my neighbors partied till way past polite! We had our doors wide open and turned off the sound of our TV to listen to them sing and chant. Tonight should be no different. Our dinner will be over in time for the game! We are rooting for the home team!

Last night I started a biga for a Ciabatta. Yes, nothing new......but the recipe is new. I usually turn to Bread by Eric Treuille & Ursula Ferrigno for good results. I wanted to try out a Paul Hollywood recipe from his book 100 Great Breads. Paul always uses fresh yeast and when you watch him on UKTV he makes everything look easy and doable!
The first photo is of the biga after 4 hours. The second is the dough after an overnight ferment in the fridge. Look at that boy bubble!!

The dough was very easy to handle compared to the dough from Bread. Very easy to shape and
place on the baking tray. Both Ciabatta cooked up nice. I'll show you the crumb when I slice some for dinner. I'm thinking garlic bread on the grill......all the better to munch before the game.

Go Bleu!


Barbara said...

Spectacular. I've never made ciabatta but must now I've seen yours. Pity about the game.

Melissa said... far as the game went, at least they weren't partying all was sad tho!
Do you have those books I mentioned?