Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Chillin' with Fruit Soup

Paris is HOT right now. I know you think you are suffering in the U.S., but you can shuffle from AC unit to AC unit. My car has AC and the living room has a little room unit. The rest of our house you can fry eggs on most surfaces! Even poor Max is too hot to wiggle his tail.

Thinking about dinner in this kind of heat needs special inspiration. I was checking out the internet in the cool air of the morning and found a post in the Chicago Sun Times. The article that caught my eye was called, Keeping Cool. Yes, I clicked on the link. Nectarine-cantaloupe Soup. Wow......this sounded delicious!

I was just at the Ferme de Gally and bought some huge nectarines, and last Sunday I bought some of this fantastic honey from the Galleries Gourmand. So far, so good. Cinnamon, nutmeg & vanilla!

I have to tell you that when I told the hubby what I was making Fruit Soup, he scrunched up his nose and said, 'Sounds like dessert, not soup'.......I just told him he was going to like it!
Fresh melon chunks, freshly squeezed OJ.....whizz up and chill.

Garnished with blueberries and mint and served super cold, this is a real winner! I'm also thinking of taking the leftovers and throwing it into my ice cream maker, I think this will make some dynamite sorbet.

Stay Cool!


bcinfrance said...

Looks good! I'm in the Pacific Northwest for the summer and usually it isn't that hot, but we hit 101 degrees fahrenheit on Friday and cooked for three days. Stores and cars have AC of course, but very few houses do. It sounds like people are suffering from summer heat all over the place. Global warming anyone?

keiko said...

Melissa, it's been SO hot here too - your soup looks perfect to survive this heat, such a lovely recipe. The honey looks great too!

Mercotte said...

sounds great ! fresh and tasty ! and it's a really good idea to make and ice cream too!

Melissa said...

Betty, No AC for you?? Stay cool, I'm reading about your heatwave!!

Keiko, Thanks...the honey is all gone now....I must run to find more, it was the best!

Mercotte....The soup was delish, but I must say, when I made turned it into sorbet the family gave it thumbs down. Funny, huh!

Run Around Paris said...

This sounds fabulous - I'm going to try it this weekend!


jacqueline k. said...

Hum !... just what I need.

Melissa said...

Hi Erin, Hope you enjoyed the soup. The link from the newspaper had lots of variations!

Jacqueline....I hope you tried it while it was really hot, now the weather has changed and we could use some real soup!

Sarah said...

Just by the looks of it, really delicious and more tasty if chilled or cold.

Melissa said...

Hi Sarah, Thanks!