Sunday, September 03, 2006

Convenience Cooking in France

Yes, I'm back home in the suburbs of Paris. When I boarded the plane I had this nagging feeling, like I was forgetting something.
Oh yeah, my son!
He is safe and sound in college, with all the little items that Bed Bath & Beyond had on it's shelf for a college kid! Now I'm dealing with the empty nest and learning how to make conversation with my husband again! Not to worry, so far it is going ok!

While we were in the UK, I got a chance to eat at a place I've been dying to try! Wagamama! I wanted to eat there just because I like to say the name! Try it, you can't say it without smiling!
I was able to pick up their cookbooks (they have two out) and have cooked 3 great recipes!
This one is an Oven Steamed Moules recipe.

Remember, I just got back from the states, the land of Convenience! And trust me, I ate my share of fast food.......and have the surplus weight to prove it.
I had Chicken Fried Steak from the Black Eyed Pea. I ate at Taco Bueno......oh yum! Dunkin Doughnuts, Pizza Uno, for the Pizza Bianco.....the list goes on! (my trainer moved back to the U.S., so there is no body to scold me, but me!) Can you Bloggers and Foodies ever forgive me for eating this way??

Below is a French item of Convenience.......Ready to Cook Moules! Just rinse, season and cook. Vacuum packed, all mussels closed and alive!

Really, they were not bad.

Since I already had the Sake and light Soy Sauce & ginger, I was just about ready to go. A quick trip for a carrot and a couple of leek and a fresh bulb of garlic and dinner was on its way!
I usually steam my moules on the cook top, so this recipe not only intrigued me because of the amount of vegetables it used, but because you cooked them in the oven.

Look at the results, perfectly cooked and still juicy. The vegetables were tender crisp, and lots of sauce to mop up with bread!

Check out their cookbook......I've prepared a Pork breaded with Panko and served with some delicious vegetables and a wonderful dipping sauce. I also made the Yaki Soba, easy and tasty!
I can't wait to try the Gyoza.
I've become such a fan of Wagamama!


bcinfrance said...

I always enjoy a few fast food items in the States, so don't feel guilty. My favorite is Onion Rings!

lindy said...

I've seen these mussels in the supermarket here, and been tempted, but fearful. I think I will give them a try too-since getting fresh ones is not usually in the cards for me. Yours look delicious.

BTW, bcinfrance, I don't think there is anything to apologize for about liking those battered onion rings. (Well, maybe the health thing, but) They can been fantastically good- and are something a person doesn't often want to make at home!

Melissa said... son loves Onion Rings, and darn it, Picard doesn't stock them yet....should we go into biz together and create them?

Lindy, Try them, they are tiny and if you don't overcook they are very tasty. Easy to prepare, just rinse and cook! Not a beard in sight!