Monday, October 02, 2006

A Fall Repast

Looking outside today really brings that fall feel! Just yesterday and not a day sooner, the Ferme de Gally started displaying their pumpkins. I'm really in the mood to decorate the garden with some lovely Mums and Gordes and a pumpkin!

Last week, before my classes, 'the old man' and I took off to the Ferme in search of Butternut Squash.....didn't find any, but we did find some awesome Sweet Corn! We picked my favorite zucchini flowers with a tiny little zuc, no bigger than your thumb.......and we picked some Feves. The end of the season, for sure!
These gorgeous flowers got stuffed with some ricotta, spinach and some other cheeses 'nuked' in the microwave till tender. Try it......they were wonderful. You won't believe that I only paid a whopping 2 euro for those flowers! A steal.

After being in the fields picking, we came home famished for lunch. I happened to have some crepe batter in the fridge, leftover from my class with Cheryl and her ladies from the U.S.
Perfect for a little lunch on the patio before Fall really sets in and then we are inside with a roaring fire!
I do love Autumn!

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