Monday, October 30, 2006

Pain au Lait

Pain au Lait.....Milk Bread! In between raking leaves I decided to get a bread dough going. Pain au Lait is an 'enriched dough', made nice and tender with milk and eggs.......a poor cousin to a Brioche Dough.

You get culinary inspiration from different places, the fall colors made me think about upcoming holidays. I decided to embellish this enriched dough by adding some raisins and pumpkin pie spice and a little more cinnamon! Are you getting the feeling?

You can just tell that this dough is going to be good! A little on the sticky side, the fresh yeast aroma just brings a smile to your face! The 'Pointage' or 1st rise is for an hour, then shaping and a proof for about 45 minutes, then off to the oven!

Look at the pile of leaves I left a certain 'someone' to finish!! I know there is a boy in college that wishes he were here to help!!

My decor is a little on the lame side (pardon the pun, bakers!)......but, all in all a great Bread is being enjoyed each morning as toast!


Anonymous said...

UMMMMMMMM, Send it on down!!!

lindy said...

This looks lovely. How does it taste?

Your baked things are always so appealing.

Melissa said...

Lindy, from one baker to another, THANKS! The taste was lovely and when you made the toast in the morning, the house was filled with a great smell again!

Ivonne said...


That's just beautiful! I just baked some pain au lait myself. I was looking for some information on its origins and came across your post.

Well done!