Wednesday, September 20, 2006

As Good as it Looks!

I'm closing in on my Grilling/Smoking class! Trying to nail the recipes so they are perfect for the ladies! Funny though, the ladies don't mind when I botch things up, they like a good botch-up, makes them feel good. But really, I don't try to plan on a flop. In fact, the only flopping I like to do is after class.....flopping down on the couch with a cup of tea!

This Miso Marinated Plank'd Salmon was delicious! Rich, deep flavors.......the salmon was juicy. No flames, in fact this was the second 'go-round' on the plank. The instructions say you can reuse them, and low and behold I was able to with no problems.

I will probably share a comment with the ladies that Dr. Biggles wrote last year when I blogged about plank'd food.......he said it reminded him of his grandma's cedar closet!!!
I think the ladies will like that comment!

I love it when things fall together and I can look forward to a good class! I even heard that the weather looks good for next week!! There is a chance we can eat out in the garden!

Keep your fingers crossed! I know Max will be on his best behavior to meet all of the ladies! How can they resist!


drbiggles said...

AHAHHAH, yeah.

Ya know, I enjoy when things screw up. It tests my mettle and sometimes even impress myself with the outcome. I suppose it makes it exciting and gives me a thrill. Plus you learn a lot from it, an junk.
Cookiecrumb from I'm mad and I eat is due to arrive for a meat fest this coming Saturday. If you're flying in from France, you're welcome too.


Shawn said...

Delicious grills! Frankly, I wouldn't mind if you mess once in a while as long as you can still serve me something like this. Just kidding. Hope all of you have the blast, especially the ladies. haha!

keiko said...

Oh Melissa I wish I could be there - Max looks so sweet as always!

Let me know your address when you have a chance ;)

Duane said...

That looks like a perfectly grilled hunk of salmon!

Mary said...

I, too, highly recommend the cedar plank for making salmon. It's so moist and tender when it comes off the bbq. Your recipe sounds great and I'll have to try it.

Melissa said...

Biggles, I read about your 'fest' and it sounded great! btw, I bet Tiny E could teach you how to podcast!

Shawn, Thanks for checking in, class was a success this past week! Although my fire did go out, the gas grill saved me!!!

Keiko, Wow, I'd be honored if you'd come to a class (and nervous). You could teach some pastry!

Duane, Thanks.....that hunk of salmon was tasty, but now I need a break from that recipe!

Mary, do you use a plank often, got a good recipe to share?

bcinfrance said...

This looks so good and so, well, un-French. Reminds me of BBQ time in the Pacific Northwest...

Melissa said...

Betty, I had a gal in my class this week from your part of the country and she was talking ALL about the salmon and BBQ'ing....
Hope your summer was a nice one!