Thursday, March 31, 2005

1000 Recipes -- Book 16

I'm finished with my contribution for Book 16. I was the first entry in this Moleskine, so I had no one to spin from! You know how my photos aren't the best.....well....either is my artwork.

I eMailed Santos back in February and have been waiting ever since for the arrival!

I'm wondering what Santos has in mind when all the traveling books finally boomerang back to Guam. What do you think --- A Best of 1000 Recipes Cookbook? I'd fire-up the old credit card and buy that cookbook from Amazon! Wouldn't you?

That drawing above is SUPPOSED to be the Eiffel Tower! Please.....No rude comments!

My entries are from an upcoming class I'll be teaching. This class features a couple of Tajine and some great mezze ideas. The Black Forest Tart isn't Moroccan, but, the ladies like their choco-fix, and I gotta' please the ladies! Tasty recipe, I might add!

From Paris non-stop to South Africa.....If this book could talk.


keiko said...

Hi Melissa - your recipes look fantastic! I'm the last one of the book 11 (I think) so haven't decided what to put on yet... I love Moroccan food, good luck with your teaching!

Melissa said...

Keiko, thanks for taking a look! I'm a fan of your blog, always look for your updates!
Last on Book 11, that will give you much time to think about your entry. Plus, you get the luxury of seeing what the others have written.
I think Moroccan food will become the next trendy Cuisine..what do you think?
Best wishes,